Show Format: Mastermind

Effectively telling your story with solid audio quality is what makes a great episode.

If you do not already have a high quality microphone, the Logitech ClearChat USB Headset is recommended for the minimum quality required for my guests.

I will “call” you via Skype at the appointed time. My Skype contact info is: This is an audio only recording.

Recording: By participating in The David Bordeaux Show recording, you agree to allow David Bordeaux to record, distribute, and disseminate the recording in any manner. You also agree to allow David Bordeaux to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

Mastermind Flow

Pre-Recording Chat

  • We will go over the legal aspects of recording.
  • During this chat we will discuss how the session will go.
  • We will discuss how we will record two episodes with a brief break inbetween.
  • I will explain that while this is typically a “PG” show as far as language is concerned, cursing is okay as long as it is not extreme nor excessive.

Record Episode 1 and 2


  • I will welcome you to the show.
  • We will have a little small talk before we get into the Mini-Mastermind. Since two episodes are being recorded on the same day, have two talking points (one per episode) when asked “What have you been/what are you up to?”

Listener Question

I will read the question from the listener.

Mini-Mastermind (Approximately 10 in length – 5 min. per person)

  • I will ask you what suggestions or ideas you have on the question.
  • Before you start answering the question, address the assumptions that you have to make before you could answer the question.
  • Answer the question to the best of your ability.
  • After you provide your answers and suggestions, I will do the same.
  • While we are answering, we are free to interrupt, build on, and/or branch off on another idea with each other’s suggestions – basically live brainstorming. While there may be a rough division of time to answer, that is not a requirement and-free flow association of suggestions is highly encouraged.

Wrap-up (Approximately 5 min in length – 2 min. per person)

  • After we have both provided our answers and suggestions, we will then take turns as to what we think the best course of action should be based on what we’ve talked about.
  • You will go first with your “plan of action.”
  • I will follow you with my “plan of action.”


  • I will encourage the listeners to add to the conversation by going to the FB group so that they can add their suggestions.
  • I will thank you for being a guest host and ask you where people can link up with you online (social media, personal/business website, etc.).
  • Brief break with silence and then we will do another round going through the Intro to the Outro for the second episode.

Post-Recording Chat

  • We will discuss if there is anything in the recording that you would like to have edited out (or notes added for clarity).
  • We will go over what happens next with regards to editing, producing, and publishing.
  • We will talk about sending resources and information to be added to the show notes.
  • We will talk about the potential of another episode opportunity.

Get in the Mastermind Hot Seat

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