Interview: Neil Hall

From Physical to Spiritual Aspects of Training

Show Notes

Coming from a diverse background including community work, international consultancy, and senior positions in local and regional government, including Head of External Relations for the Mayor of London, Neil is now best known as one of the Directors of LCTKD International, the public and specialist martial arts school which he co-founded in London’s Chinatown in 2004.  He is London Chinatown’s longest standing martial arts teacher.

Currently teaching 5 different martial arts, and author of a number of martial arts books, Neil is also the Director of the international Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts.

Key Points

  • Martial Arts and the spiritual connection.
  • Journaling your path as a Martial Artist – where you’ve been and where you speculate where you want to go.
  • Contemplating Martial Arts beyond physical conflict.
  • Cross-training in other Martial Art styles to improve your base style and as a Martial Artist in general.
  • Transitioning from striking forms to locking and releasing Martial Arts.
  • Investigating the differences between “circular” and “linear” Martial Arts.
  • As we age, looking into other Martial Arts to compliment a body that is no longer able to recover as quickly as a younger body.
  • People that “get” Martial Arts straight off and don’t have to work too hard at it to progress, those individuals tend to not have much staying power when they get further on.
  • Sometimes we need external help to push us forward in our progress and to make headway in Martial Arts.
  • People that make great headway in Martial Arts tend to be a bit obsessive in their practice.
  • Pay attention to the details – especially in the fundamentals – and focus on raising them to a higher level.
  • To know how to be efficient, you first need to establish what it is that you want to accomplish. From there, look to the fundamentals that will build your greatest foundation toward your goal.
  • As an instructor it is important to understand what your students want from their Martial Arts experience, and what type of experience you would like to provide them. Then you must carefully craft an experience that combines both needs synergistically.
  • Teaching Martial Arts outside of a “traditional” Martial Arts setting, one needs to be able to adjust, adapt, and overcome the unique situations that present themselves.
  • The answers to your questions may be found within you.

Fun Fact

After the interview, Neil was rushing off to participate in a superhero martial arts seminar hosted by his wife.

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