Interview: Lori O’Connell

Managing Risk and Taking Charge

Show Notes

With 24 years training and 21 years teaching experience, Lori O’Connell holds the rank of 5th Degree black belt in Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu, a Japanese style primarily focused on self-defense and law enforcement. In addition to teaching Jiu-jitsu at Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu in Vancouver, Canada, Lori regularly travels to teach Jiu-jitsu/self- defense seminars at martial arts schools and conferences across North America and internationally. Outside of the dojo, Lori is also a stunt performer. She has done stunt work for Smallville, Supernatural, Fear the Walking Dead, Wayward Pines, Van Helsing, Once Upon a Time, and others. Lori is also the author of When the Fight Goes to the Ground, and Weapons of Opportunity.

Key Points

  • Lori points out that being a stunt person is one of being a risk manager, rather than being a risk taker.
  • Her book, When the Fight Goes to the Ground, came about due to her writing style on her blog.

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Fun Fact

Lori recently wrote and produced her first short film, Inner Demon. She also also performed as a stunt double in the film.

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