The David Bordeaux Show is all about discovering the underlying fundamentals of success through the lenses of health, fitness, martial arts, and education so that you can take your life to the next level. The show has two main formats: Interview and Mastermind.

Interview Format

The interview format is a long form conversational interview. Each episode, guests, including martial artists, health and nutrition experts, educators, authors, and artists, are interviewed to distill their tactics, tools, and strategies that make them experts in their fields.

Mastermind Format

The mastermind format is a question and answer format. Listeners of the show, and even some of David’s personal clients, ask questions, and David and a special guest host answer the question in a brainstorm fashion. At the end of the brainstorm, David and his guest summarize the best ideas in a plan of action for the person asking the question. Listeners are encouraged to add to the conversation by going to the DBS community page and post their tips, tricks, and solutions. This way the person asking the question receives more from the whole of the community than he or she would from just asking David.

Meet the Host

David Bordeaux is a health and fitness professional who works with busy professionals, families, and non-fitness enthusiasts to use martial arts as a catalyst to achieve their goals and live their best life one day at a time. After spending over a decade working in management for small and million-dollar businesses, and another decade helping change peoples’ lives through martial arts and fitness, David knows what it takes to be successful. It is having a plan, making continual incremental improvements, reviewing progress, and adapting when necessary.

David has worked with a variety of organizations teaching fitness, and martial arts classes. He has developed specialized programs for organizations including Bowling Green State University, Memorial Health Hospital, and Wood County Committee on Aging. Besides his extensive real-world experience, David is a certified fitness trainer (ISSA), personal trainer (ACE), self-defense instructor (ASFA), and specialist in martial arts conditioning (ISSA). He is a 3rd-degree black belt in Hebikido, a 2nd-degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate, and a Level 1 instructor in Chunliang Taijiquan. David holds a BS in exercise science, with a specialization in exercise programming, from Bowling Green State University.